Ke$ha is known to make some, ahem, questionable choices with her appearance. But this move is a bit more permanent than her standard hot mess hair and makeup.

The singer got "SUCK IT!" tattooed on the inside of her lip during a late-night session in LA and posted a pic of it on  Twitter. Really, Ke$ha? Really?!?

Kesha in sunglasses and a sequined top

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This tattoo is almost as bad as Gucci Mane getting one of an ice cream cone on his face.  Firstly, any sort of tattoo or piercing around your mouth is almost guaranteed to get infected because of all the bacteria in there. Secondly, um, she put "suck it" on her mouth. Enough said.

So are you ready to see the tattoo? WARNING: This photo may not be appropriate for children or anyone who plans on eating in the next 8 hours. 

Ke$ha "Suck It" tattoo

Tattoos on the inside of the mouth do fade with time, but the motivation behind this move is still baffling. Ke$ha's Twitter handle IS "Keshasuxx" so maybe this is just a way to reinforce her personal brand? Or perhaps she wanted to undermine the expectations of femininity in our patriarchal society? Or maybe she was just drunk and bored? Yeah, that's the one.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first sign of bad judgment Ke$ha has displayed when it comes to her six tattoos. Two of her tats are homemade using a safety pin and a pen, she has a dollar sign on her hand and a friend tattooed 'YEAH!' on her foot. All she needs is a tramp stamp to make her bad tattoo collection complete.

What do you think of Ke$ha's new tattoo?

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