LindsayLohan was taken to the emergency room in L.A. today after a horrible car crash,TMZ is reporting.  

Whiledriving her black Porshe down the Pacific Coast Highway, she drove into theback of an 18 wheeler! The accident resulted in her car being totaled, thepassenger window shattered and the rear bumper completely off.

Lindsay Lohan in gold dress on the red carpet

Thereis no word on what injuries Lindsay got from the accident, but sources are sayingthat “she seems okay and doctors are performing tests.”

Update: Sourcesare saying that Lindsay is denying that the accident was her fault, saying thatthe 18 wheeler actually cut her off. Eyewitnesses tell TMZ that Lindsay waswith her assistant during the accident and they were both ended up bleeding andbruised. The assistant was taken to the hospital by ambulance and both wereconscious after the crash. 

Staytuned for any updates on this story. 

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images