What started out as a bad car accident could be the clincher for sending Lindsay Lohan to prison!

Law enforcement sources have reported that Lindsay Lohan lied them to during questioning by claiming she wasn't driving the car that slammed into an 18-wheeler last Friday, according to TMZ. And because it's a crime to provide false info to a police officer, Lindsay could be breaking the terms of her probation from her shoplifting case last year. What does that mean? She could be headed to the slammer on not one, but two counts!

Lindsay Lohan at LAX Airport, December 2011

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Lindsay told Santa Monica police that her assistant was driving the car in the accident, but apparently didn't clue him in on the lie--he told police Lindsay was behind the wheel. And several eyewitnesses claim they both got out of the car on the passenger side, which meant that Lindsay would have had to climb over the console. Talk about determination!

The scandal hasn't stopped Lindsay from continuing to shoot what is now the most pre-hyped TV movie of all time in Liz and Dick. However, they might want to finish filming quickly because she  could soon be reprising a familar role: sitting in the defendant's chair and facing a judge.

What do you think of Lindsay's lie to the cops?

Photos courtesy of Fame Flynet