If Lindsay Lohan has been trying to prove she's ready to quietly get back to work, she hasn't been doing a very good job of it.

It's been five days since the last Lindsay scandal on her Lifetime movie comeback Liz and Dick and even that seems miraculous. Car crashes, hospital visits, lawsuits, breaking insurance policies and "exhaustion" headlines in recent weeks have made this the most pre-hyped TV movie of all time. And we haven't even gotten to the big question: can she still deliver lines?

Lindsay Lohan in court, March 2012

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It's obvious Lindsay has some sort of a problem. If it's not with drugs, it's with authority or simply behaving like an adult. If I went to work and broke major rules or had the paramedics called every week, I'd be fired immediately. No questions asked.

Lindsay is already the "most insured" star in Hollywood and episodes like this aren't going to help. Even if she ends up putting on a fine performance in this movie (and Lifetime is known for cheesy flicks, so it's unlikely), not all publicity is good publicity. Her reputation of being a major liability and difficult to work with remains intact after this. Even if she can change the perception of the public, she will not have changed the perception of the industry. And the industry is ultimately who gives her work and pays her bills.

Do you think Lindsay's on-set drama has already killed her comeback?

Photos courtesy of Fame Flynet