Any hopes of Lindsay Lohan's Lifetime comeback flick Liz and Dick putting her back on track look to be wishful thinking.

LiLo has allegedly been showing up for work two hours late without memorizing her lines, requiring production assistants to feed them to her. You know, like what they did with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on Full House when they were toddlers. That's according to Celebitchy. Not only that, but sources say Lindsay's diva behavior on-set has left the entire cast sick of her!

Lindsay Lohan at LAX Airport, December 2011

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Lindsay's biggest target on set? Co-star Grant Bowler. He's apparently not famous enough for Lindsay's tastes and she's had no problem telling him so! "The crew is fed up with Lindsay because they have to spend so much time dealing with her diva antics and, in turn, trying to soothe Grant’s battered ego,” said a source.

Terrible behavior is pretty common in Hollywood though and often excused as long as the celebrity delivers the goods. The problem here is the footage Lindsay's shot so far is bad. Like, really, really bad. “She’s completely unfocused and she keeps running over to the director, but he doesn’t have a clue how to handle her. The footage so far has been just awful,” said the source.

Get the popcorn ready! This is one summer, err, blockbuster we certainly don't want to miss.

Will you watch Lindsay's comeback flick?

Photos courtesy of Fame Flynet and Getty Images