Adam Carolla has found an unlikely ally after his claims that "dudes are funnier than chicks": female comedian Lisa Lampanelli

The Celebrity Apprentice contestant and self-proclaimed Queen of Mean went on TMZ Live to defend her fellow Apprentice castmate, claiming there are only three other women she'd actually want to see on stage! She even joined Adam in taking a swipe at a co-host on The View, claiming that "rectal itch is funnier than Sherri Shepherd." Whoa!

mpanelli at the Not Since High School event, June 2012

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"I've been saying this for years and never got in the press for it," said Lisa. "If I'm about to make a list of 100 comics I'm going to see, there's three women on that list and the rest are guys. (Most female comics) talk about things that only women care about, so they aren't universally funny to dudes."

And what about Adam's comments that Sherri and Joy Behar are only on The View because they're women? "Joy Behar, I've always laughed at and think she's terrific," said Lisa. "Sherri Shepherd, I'd rather punch myself in the privates than go see that broad. I can't stand her." Tell us how you really feel, Lisa!

Pretty interesting that Lisa is backing Adam up, especially since he didn't even include her on his pea-sized list of "super-funny chicks!"

What do you think of Lisa's comments about female comics?

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