It looks like Madonna will stop at nothing to get press for her current world tour!

While on stage at a concert in Istanbul last Thursday as part of her MDNA tour, the pop icon flashed one of her material "girls"--her right breast, that is--to a crowd of 55,000 people! That's according to TMZ. The stunt only made Madonna look like a boob though since media outlets weren't even aware it happened until three days later!

Madonna flashes on stage at a concert in Istanbul, June 2012 

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The self-imposed wardrobe malfunction came when Madonna got a little too excited performing her hit Human Nature. CNN host Piers Morgan, who has never been shy about his distaste for Madonna, took to Twitter to sound off. "Most embarrassing, cringe-worthy, desperate moment in the history of music?" he tweeted. "While there certainly have been worse, it is pretty bad."

It looks like Madonna's use of Nazi imagery isn't drumming up enough PR for her shows, but she might want to tread carefully with nudity on stage. We all know how well that turned out for Janet Jackson.

What do you think of Madonna's attempt at causing a "boob" scandal?  

Photos courtesy of Getty Images and TMZ.