In less than a week, Fiona Apple will be releasing a new album after a 7 year hiatus. If you have an ounce of Teen Girl Angst living inside of you, then you're just as giddy (or emo?) about hearing her latest tracks (that have been kindly given an advance release on NPR's website).

This Fiona revival has gotten us thinking about a handful of music legends that hit it big in the '90s and are back in full force. We here at Hollywire love us '90s nostalgia, but '90s revivals are pretty much the best thing ever. So for this week's Monday Playlist, let's jam out to new hits and old favorites from Fiona, Usher, Brandy and Monica.

NEW: Fiona Apple's Every Single Night

This video and song has pretty much everything one could ask for from Fiona: Heart-wrenching lyrics. Dreamy vocals. Quirky performances. Mind-bending visuals. And a freaking octopus hat. Welcome back, Fiona. We missed you.

'90s FLASHBACK: Fiona's Sleep to Dream

One of her hit singles from the 1997 album Tidal, this song should always be your go-to post-breakup ballad. We promise. She'll make it all better.


Usher hasn't exactly taken a hiatus like Fiona has -- in fact, he keeps spitting out hits year after year. A lot of the tracks off his new album Looking for Myself (releasing on June 12th!) are more modern synethesized, clubby hits. But this track Twisted, featuring Pharrell,  is more stripped down and reminiscent of his My Way days. Speaking of Old School Usher...

'90s FLASHBACK: Usher's You Make Me Wanna

God, remember '90s Usher's moves? And his pecs? Need a reminder? Play this vid full screen and at full volume and get your week started right. You won't regret it. And you may even incite a dance party in your office.

NEW: Brandy & Monica's It All Belongs to Me

In 1998, these two R&B divas collaborated on one of the biggest hits from the era (we'll get to that in a minute). And 14 years later, they're back together for another song in which they fight over a man. It doesn't have the hooks that the original had, but it's definitely far beyond what some of the younger set has been releasing lately. Definitely add it to your Friday night playlist -- but while you're at it, you might want to take a walk down memory lane...

'90s FLASHBACK: Brandy & Monica's The Boy Is Mine

There are no words for the awesomeness that is this song. Brandy and Monica's ballad about a man they're fighting over is just '90s R&B at its purest. We love the new track, girls, but it's hard to top perfection.

Do you think Fiona, Usher, Brand and Monica are as awesome as they were in the '90s??