Piece of advice: if you get the chance to see One Directionin concert, DO IT! Hollywire headed to the Gibson Amphitheater in UniversalCity to hang out with the British fellas and thousands of screaming teenagegirls for their Up All Night Tour. And seriously, it was quite a show!

One Direction on stage singing all in a line Gibson

Olly Murs took the stage to warm up the crowd with songslike his single Heart Skips a Beat featuring Chiddy Bang. While he may stillbe considered a “new” artist here in the U.S., this UK sensation willdefinitely be a name you’ll be hearing on the radio soon enough. Olly has someserious stage presence and Hollywire was lucky enough to chat with him afterthe show so stay tuned for that interview!

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Olly Murs Gibson

One Direction took the stage and you would have thought TheBeatles were about to rock out on their guitars or something. The crowd justcouldn’t get enough of Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam.  And for good reason! One Direction made surethat their fans were having a good time by turning the Gibson into the ultimatedance party. Besides singing songs off their smash hit album Up All Night, theyeven covered singles from Kings of Leon, Black Eyed Peas, Amy Winehouse andmore. So much fun!

Harry Styles One Direction on stage Gibson

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One Direction fans are extremely active on Twitter and guys,the fellas see that! “We see your tweets every day and we love you for it,”Liam said. One reason why to tweet One Direction? They actually read some ofthe tweets from the audience on stage! How cool, right?! Questions involvinglots of dancing (1D did the Macarena. Enough said) and their best Americanaccents, it was a fun little break from all the singing and dancing going onthroughout the show.

One Direction on stage at the Gibson I Try

At the end of the show, while walking through a huge mob ofgirls who basically had their dreams come true by even being in the same roomas One Direction, I looked back at my 1D experience and here’s what I learned:

- Girls LOVE anything that has to do with Harry’s hair. Anyshake, any hand running through it, any breeze blowing it – the girls go nuts.I may or may not have swooned a little bit too.

- Niall has some serious dance moves. Respect.

- Nobody can pull off the suspenders look better Louis. Andhe’s very casual on stage by just hanging out, in his suspenders, with hishands in his pockets just looking all perfect.

- They LOVE their fans. One Direction reminded their fansthroughout the entire show how thankful they were of them and how they’vehelped them so much. “We never thought we’d ever play a show here in L.A.,”Harry told the crowd. It’s great to see that One Direction isn’t taking any ofthis for granted.

Overall, it’s easy to say that I get it. I get the OneDirection craze. These boys are as close to perfect as it gets. They put onsuch a fun, dance-filled show and I wouldn’t mind heading to another gettogether with One Direction! And you should too!

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