As sweet as last May might have been for American Idol champ Phillip Phillips, we're guessing he'd like to do this month over.

Not only is Phillip currently recovering in California from a painful surgery that involved moving several massive kidney stones, but his family's Georgia pawn shop had been smashed into and robbed! Police say the back door of the pawn shop was smashed into with a backhoe and then the bandit (or bandits) made out with over $4,000 in merchandise, according to TMZ.

Phillip Phillips in May 2012

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The perps walked out with numerous items including hand guns, jewelry, flat screen TV's and even the entire cash register! Luckily, the register only had $110 in it. Where were Phillip's parents for all of this? Sources say they were in California at the time helping their son recover from the surgery.

It looks like the robbery may put a damper on in the get rich quick scheme that his parents had for the pawn shop. They were originally looking to sell the property for $200,000, but hoped that their son's Idol success would lead to an all-out bidding war.

What do you think of Phillip's bad month?

Photos courtesy of Fame Flynet