Phillip Phillips was crowned the winner of American Idol in May, but with a recent surgery to remove kidney stones, the small-town singer hasn't even had much time to celebrate!

That will all likely change when the American Idol tour kicks off in a few weeks, but is Phillips physically well enough to perform all summer long?! Well, in an interview with MTV News, he reveals, "I'm feeling good," and gave no indication that he'd be missing out on the tour because of his surgery.

Phillip Phillips at 'American Idol' Finale

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Phillip also says he and his nine other tourmates are getting excited for the summer tour to kick off. "It's all of our first time on a real tour, and it's going to be a big learning experience," he explains. "We're all really excited about it."

The tour kicks off on July 6, so Phillip still has a little more time to fully recover before it all really begins!

What songs do you want to see Phillip perform on tour?!

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