The Ready Set are getting ready to set the music world on fire with their new single!

Lead singer Jordan Witzigreuter spoke exclusively with Chelsea Briggs about their new single Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever), why he's not stressing about recording his sophomore release and whether his crush on Katy Perry still remains intact.

Jordan said the new single will give fans a good mix of the band'sold sounds that made them famous while also showing the new direction they're going in. " I feel like it's the perfect song to put out now because it's got that super-summer vibe and it's got that older, Love Like Woe-ish stuff in there, but it leans toward the newer," he said.

As for the new album? Jordan has 30 songs that are in the running now, but said he's just going with the flow. "The mindset is to just do what I've done in the past, only better," he said. "I think that's what messes people up on the second album a lot. They take what they did the first time and completely overanalyze it and try to make it something so complex. I'm just trying to have fun and see what comes out." We can't wait to hear the end result!

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What do you think of the new single?