MTV’s Teen Wolf is making its comeback to TV THIS Sunday and it’s definitely taking a darker turn. Our Chelsea Briggs chatted it up with the cast, including Tyler Hoechlin at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills where he talked about the changes with his character and what fans can expect from season two!

Check it out!

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Fans have known that Derek gets, well, quite angry but expect something different this time around! “Derek gets to have a little fun this year, which is nice,” Tyler said. “Last year, I kinda had to show up and be angry all the time. This year, Derek gets to smile a little bit, he gets to be a little sarcastic, he’s got a little swagger to him, so it’s nice. It was a fun, new thing to play Derek on set.”

Don’t forget to check out the season premiere of Teen Wolf THIS Sunday right after the 2012 MTV Movie Awards!

What changes do you hope to see happen this season?