Was Ryan Gosling ALWAYS as talented and suave as he is today? Judging from this vintage talent show video, the answer is YES.

Three years before he was cast on The Mickey Mouse Club, 10-year-old Ryan competed in a talent show and an audience member just uploaded her video of the performance. The tiny Gos sings When a Man Loves a Woman with complete conviction and dances (with his sister) to Gonna Make You Sweat in legit Hammer pants. God, the Internet is an amazing place.

Do you need a few more minutes to watch this video again and again? It's okay. We've had it on a loop all day.

It's no surprise that Disney picked up on this superstar in-the-making. 10-year-old Ryan's dance moves are better than any adult's attempts on So You Think You Can Dance. It's bananas to see that the Gos swagger developed at such an early age. And the fact that he choreographed that whole number with his sister is just too much to handle. You win again, Ryan. (Our hearts, that is. You win our hearts.)

Video Courtesy of YouTube