Will Nick Stahl come home?

It's a question that remains uncertain after the Terminator 3 actor has gone missing for over a week since he abruptly checked out of a drug treatment center. His wife Rose Stahl has seemingly reached the end of her rope as well, telling TMZ that she has stopped actively looking for him and unlike his disappearance last month, she will not get the police involved this time!

Nick Stahl at the 'Sleepwalking' Premiere, 2008

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Rose said she has gotten tired of the chasing game and believes that Nick is the only one who can help himself. "I'm backing off," she said. "He knows exactly where home is. It's the loving thing to do for him, myself and our daughter."

The actor checked into rehab for 30 days last month after going MIA for several days, resulting in the LAPD conducting a search for him. He checked out of rehab last week against the advice of his doctors and has not been seen since apart from a brief appearance in downtown LA. Hopefully Nick comes home and gets the treatment he needs!

Do you think Nick will come home?

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