It’s a known-fact that when a celebrity slaps their face ona product, they can hear the “ching ching” of their bank account. Butsometimes, we’re left wondering one thing: why are they promoting that product?Sometimes, it’s just too random for comfort.

Take a look at some of the most random celebrityendorsements that left us scratching our heads.

Katy Perry – Pop Chips

Katy Perry Popchips endorsements

It’s just been announced this week that Katy became aninvestor and representative for Pop Chips, as well as its creative partner. Seeyou later, Ashton Kutcher!

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Ashley Greene – Sobe Life Water

Yes, Ashley promoting Life Water was strange, but it made iteven weirder when she was painted to look like she was covered in scales forthe ads.

David Hasselhoff – Cucumber Fields

David Hasselhoff Cucumber Islands collage

David must REALLY love his iced coffee’s. Fun fact: thelife-size cut-outs of him holding the drink keep getting stolen. One question –why?!

Jay-Z – Duracell Powermat

Cool spokesman! And pretty cool product! But, you know,random pairing.

Ozzy Osbourne – I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

I can’t believe Ozzy is their spokesman! Bad joke?

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Lisa Rinna – Depends

This just makes us straight-up uncomfortable.

Justin Bieber – Nicole by OPI Nail Polish

Justin Bieber OPI Nail polish collage

Yeah, it TOTALLY makes sense to have Justin be the face of anail polish brand, right?

Jennie Garth – Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

Jennie Garth Nature Valley salad dressing

She’s probably just like David. She just loves her ranchdressing! Why not endorse it?

Jamie Lee Curtis – Activia

Jamie Lee Curtis Activia collage

Yup, makes us uncomfortable too.

Tom Brady – UGGS

Tom Brady UGGs ad

Tom, don’t even try to tell us that you wear UGGs on thefield. We’re not going to buy it.

Which endorsement do you think was just too strange? Let usknow in the comments section below!