Think you haven't heard Alex Clare's music before? Well, we're pretty darn sure you have! 

Alex's hot single Too Close off his debut album The Lateness of the Hour, had been kicking around without success for a year before Microsoft picked it up last March to use in their commercials for Internet Explorer 9. The ad helped the song get over 10 million views on YouTube and hit No. 68 on the Billboard Hot 100, No. 4 in the UK and even No. 1 in Germany!

Alex recently spoke with Hollywire's own Chelsea Briggs about the ad and even fun facts about himself -- that will definitely surprise you!

Alex Clare

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So how did the Microsoft ad come about? Like most business deals, Alex said it was through a long string of e-mails. "Too Close came out in the UK last year in March and nothing really happened," he said. "Radio didn't pick it up and the album bombed, so it's cool that it kind of worked out." He continued, "I was in the cinema and when the trailer came I was like, 'Wow!' And I turned to the people behind me and went, ‘This is me, this is me!' 

Check out our interview with Alex below, along with the rad music video for Too Close!

Alex Clare Chats Microsoft Commercial and Recording Process

Alex Clare in the Hollywire Hot Seat

Alex Clare - 'Too Close'

What do you think of Too Close?

Photo courtesy of Island Records