If you think that everyone seems to be divided on whether Justin Bieber or the paparazzi is to blame in Bieb's high-speed car chase last week, you're probably right. Even the cops can't make up their minds!

The California Highway Police need to make a decision soon on whether to prosecute the paparazzo who aggressively hounded Justin on the freeway, but several high ranking officials and deputies remain sharply divided on the issue. That's according to TMZ. Not only that, but those same higher-ups in the CHP can't put on a united front over whether Biebs should have received a citation for reckless driving!

Justin Bieber in Berlin, June 2012

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While some CHP officials said they would not have ticketed Bieber for clocking 80 on the highway because he was a "victim" of the paparazzi, others said they would have given him a citation because he failed to utilize other options like getting off the freeway. "It's like rushing a woman to the hospital who's about to give birth. You can't endanger the lives of innocent people, and Bieber did," said one source.

And what about the paparazzo who was also partly responsible for the chase? While the CHP aren't denying he behaved inappropriately, it's also unlikely he'll be prosecuted. "It's a misdemeanor committed outside the CHP's presence and it's a stretch the City Attorney will take the case," said another CHP source.

Who do you think is to blame in Justin's car chase?!

Photos courtesy of Fame Flynet