It's about time we got a new video from Carrie Underwood -- especially after the success of her last summer hit Good Girl!

This time, the vid is for a much sadder song Blown Away and the video is directly inspired by The Wizard of Oz, with tons of subtle and obvious similarities to the film. It even starts out in black and white and ends in color during a much happier time! See for yourself!:

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In the vid, Carrie portrays a young girl trapped under the roof of her alcoholic father, who can finally get her revenge when a tornado (ahem) hits and he is passed out drunk on the couch while she is safe in the underground cellar.

Other Wizard of Oz characteristics? A yellow brick road, a scarecrow and even a quick glimpse of a puppy towards the end! Good work, Carrie!

What do you think of Carrie's Oz inspired vid?