Demi Lovato has become the poster child for sober living in Hollywood, but there are rumors that she may not be practicing what she preaches.

Despite a three-month rehab stay in November 2010 for drug use, eating disorders and self-harm, a source close to Demi has claimed the X Factor judge is "not as sober as she's leading everyone to believe and is still partying hard." Not only that, the same source told Radar Online that the only thing Demi has learned is how to keep the paparazzi from catching her in the act. Whoa!

Demi Lovato at X Factor Auditions, July 2012

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Not surprisingly, Demi's camp is denying the allegations. Her rep sent an e-mail to Huffington Post calling the claims "total BS." Considering that she just booted two contestants from X Factor auditions for rapping about being high on bath salts, we're inclined to be on Demi's side!

With someone who has cameras following her 24/7 like Demi, hiding an addiction or partying lifestyle would be close to impossible. As of now, she hasn't displayed any unusual behavior or been photographed with any questionable substances. Let's hope it stays that way though!

What do you think of the allegations against Demi?

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