Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler say they're moving on to bigger-and-better things, but sources say they were fired. So, what really went on behind-the-scenes of American Idol?

Steven was the first to announced his departure from the reality singing competition, saying it's time to focus on his music and band, Aerosmith. Jennifer quickly followed suite, announcing that she would not be returning to the AI judges table, claiming she wanted to open the door to other possible ventures.

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Jennifer Lopez Steven Tyler

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However, sources close to the show paint a different picture of what really happened, saying that the judging duo was FIRED!! Allegedly -- I repeat ALLEGEDLY -- Jennifer was axed after requesting that she be given a $2 million raise, which would bring her salary to $17 million, TheWrap reports.

Steven was reportedly looking to give the show another go as well, but sources say his "option was picked up" either. And then there was one... Randy "Dawg" Jackson! His fate as a celebrity judge has yet to be decided. 

Who do you think should fill the judges table this season?

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