Did cops in the sleepy suburban town of Bedford, NY uncover the most secret A-list marriage ever?!

Ryan Reynolds filed a police report on July 8 after complaining that a photographer was following him. That's according to TMZ. A cop showed up to the scene to investigate, but dropped a major bombshell in his report by listing Blake Lively as his wife!Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in June 2012

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Rumors started swirling fast because the report lists Blake as Ryan's wife not once, but twice! The report begins with "Upon arrival, I spoke with Ryan Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively," and ends with, "Mr. Reynolds and his wife were advised to contact police..." Since then, Blake's name has been removed from the report.

So have the couple been keeping a marriage under wraps? Sources close to them say that it's all a misunderstanding and the pair are NOT married. Things have been moving quickly between Blake and Ryan though. They've only been dating since last October, but have already moved in together and purchased a $2 million country home!

Do you think Blake and Ryan are hiding a marriage or is this all a misunderstanding?

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