If Spider-Man can do itthen Twilight definitely can! I’m talking about a reboot people.

Now, we’re sick ofHollywood revamping movies just like the next person, but let me explain. Theidea of giving the Twilight Saga a facelift was brought up back in June whenrumors swirled that the franchise would start over with a brand new cast. Whilethat rumor was crushed quickly from Lionsgate, it was revisited today at the Twilightpanel at Comic Con.

Edward and Bella in Breaking Dawn Part 2

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As much as we loveRobsten and their awkward romance, we at Hollywire couldn’t help but wonder whoshould take over Edward and Bella in the remake. Let’s do the math, shall we? Thetime difference between the The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 3 was sixyears. So basically, using our Hollywood remake math skills, The AmazingTwilight Saga will happen in 2018!

Until that magicalmoment happens, check out who we think would be the perfect casting choices forour favorite star-crossed lovers in six years!

Option #1: Cody Simpson& Elle Fanning

Collage of Cody Simpson & Elle Fanning

It’s like a blondecouple’s dream! Sure, Elle would have to dye her hair and Cody would have toditch the Australian accent but I think Rob proved it’s not that difficult to do.

Option #2: Harry Styles& Selena Gomez

Collage of Harry Styles & Selena Gomez

In six years, Selena maybe a little too old to play a high school student (she’s currently 19). Butsince Harry has a thing for older women -- or cougars if you will -- I don’tthink he’d mind this casting choice.

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Option #3: Douglas Booth& Chloe Moretz

Collage of Chloe Moretz and Douglas Booth

You may not know whoDouglas is yet, but let’s keep it simple: he landed the role of Romeo in therevamped (I’m seeing a Hollywood trend here) version of Romeo & Juliet. Um,hello! Romeo & Juliet + Edward & Bella = the same thing. And Chloe,well, she’s just a badass and could nail this role.

Option #4: Jaden Smith& Mackenzie Foy

Collage of Jaden Smith and Mackenzie Foy

Who’s more suited toplay Bella then her own daughter?! Mackenzie plays Bella and Edward’s human/vampirechild Renesmee in Breaking Dawn Part 2 and Jaden could bring some swag to thesparkly vampire. That wouldn’t hurt, right?

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