The battle between Michael Jackson's siblings over his $1 billion estate has been reaching crazy heights in recent days, but now the executors of the estate are planning to go to court in order to obtain a new temporary legal guardian for his three children!

The person seeking temporary guardianship of Prince, Blanket and Paris Jackson has yet to be named. The children currently have their grandmother Katherine Jackson listed as their legal guardian, but TMZ said the person filing the legal documents claims the majority of Michael's siblings have essentially kidnapped Katherine and therefore left his kids without any supervision!

Paris Jackson in 2012

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Katherine went off the radar for over a week and police were called to investigate, but it turned out that several of the siblings, including Janet Jackson, took her to a spa in Arizona. So what's the problem? Michael's kids weren't notified that Katherine was going to be leaving and they still haven't been able to reach her!

It's widely believed that the spa vacation, which included no access to phones and computers, was part of a long-standing plan to convince Katherine that Michael's will was a fraud and the executors of the estate had to be removed. It doesn't seem like this would do much good though. Even if the will is invalidated, it would simply make the prior will valid--which also gives Michael's brothers and sisters absolutely nothing! Let's just hope that Michael's children come out of this unscathed.

Do you think Michael's kids should be given a temporary guardian?

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