The war of words between GQ and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is officially on!

The Dark Knight Rises actor recently called the magazine "irresponsible" for reporting in their August cover story that the 2010 death of his older brother Dan was due to an alleged drug overdose. Joseph accused them of sensationalism and said their reporting was "factually incorrect according to the coroner's office and the police department."

Joseph Gordon-Levitt at The Dark Knight Rises Premiere 

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The magazine released a statement saying that, "the magazine stands by its reporting, the facts of which are fully supported—and have been confirmed in detail—by the Los Angeles County coroner's office.Because the writer, Amy Wallace, and her editors understood the pain Dan's passing caused the Gordon-Levitt family, the story sought to be respectful—and brief—in the way it described his death, which GQ felt was a relevant fact in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's biography."

What was the exact reporting in question? The magazine's feature wrote that Dan, "died of an alleged drug overdose in 2010. 'It was an accident' is all Joe will say about that.' " Joseph took offense to the terminology used and claimed that, “Using the word ‘alleged’ technically allowsthe writer to say whatever she wants. The ‘allegations’ to which she must bereferring were made by a handful of gossip websites.” Either way, don't expect to see Joseph in GQ anytime soon! 

Whose side are you on in this scuffle?

Photos courtesy of Getty Images and GQ Magazine