Could a sibling rivalry be brewing between the famous Smith children??


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Jaden and Willow, the son and daughter of actor Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, are both aspiring stars themselves and in Jaden's latest track, Gonzoes, the young singer/actor hints toward a sibling rivalry.

Jaden, who starred in the Karate Kid and collaborated with Justin Bieber in the past, rapped, "Now Willow is the star, man, how weak is that?/ Pink hair, high socks, can't compete with that."

Jaden raps about how he was forgotten after Karate Kid, with the chorus saying, "I'm gonzo, I'm gonzo, I do what I want, where I wanna do it, you stop me, I run through it." There seems to anger/hurt in Jaden's voice throughout the rap, but in the end he apologizes for the hostility.

What do you think of Gonzoes?