Now we know the answer to whether or not celebrities read abut themselves!

All sorts of nasty comments about Hollywood's A-list are thrown around on the Twittersphere, but some of these famous faces became all too aware of what's said about them. Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and even Kristen Stewart are some of the celebrities who stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to read a few of the mean tweets about themselves.

Their reactions to the Twitter bashing range from hysterical to downright weird. "Why don't you go f*** yourself?" asked Friends star Matt LeBlanc after reading a tweet that said 'Matt Leblanc looks so old. #whathappened.' Meanwhile, Kristin oddly grabbed her crotch in response to a tweet that said, 'I liked Kristen Stewart more when she was a boy.'

Check out the hilarious video below!

Whose reaction to their mean tweet was your favorite?