Justin Bieber's recent speed demon issues are hardly the first time he's put his foot on the gas a little too hard.

The teenager has had FIVE instances in the last 12 months where police have either pulled Biebs over or been called to the scene due to his unsafe driving. That's according to TMZ. In addition to driving somewhere between 80-100 MPH and swerving in and out of lanes to avoid paparazzi last week, Justin was pulled over last year for doing 90 on the highway. If that's not enough, he was pulled over last October for cutting off a police officer and then again last December for making an unsafe left turn. Let's not forget his minor car crash last August either.

Justin Bieber in Berlin, June 2012

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All of these incidents add up to the simple fact that Justin is not fit to drive. Although the paparazzi were out of control last week and should also be held accountable for their actions, there were so many other ways Justin could have handled the situation. He could have pulled over. He could have taken the first exit and parked someplace before calling police. Instead, he made Los Angeles highways his own personal version of Grand Theft Auto.

If I had two instances of reckless driving on my record, I'd have my license revoked at best and be awaiting a court date at worst. Being a celebrity should not make the situation any different. For the time being, let's hope Justin hires a full-time driver. He certainly has the money for it and it wouldn't cause any inconvenience for him.

Do you think Justin should have his license revoked?

Photos courtesy of Fame Flynet and Getty Images