Looking to connect with other "Little Monsters" about everything GAGA??

Well, your in luck!! Lady Gaga developed a new way to connect with her fans with a new social media platform, properly titled LittleMonsters.com. After going through months of testing the site is finally live -- cue the cheers!! LittleMonsters.com is a mix of Facebook, Pinterest and Reddit and a place for Gaga fans to gather and chat about hot Gaga topics, ibtimes.com reports.

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Lady Gaga

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The site was built by Backplane, a company that builds specific networks around specific topics. It's not a replacement for Facebook or Twitter, in fact you connect through the popular social networking sites. The platform will feature some picture content -- Pinterest -- a voting component -- Reddit and multilingual chat -- Facebook.

With Lady Gaga being Twitter Queen, she has the most Twitter followers EVER!! 26 MILLION!, LittleMonsters.com will most definitely do well. Said to be "a place to share your passion and creativity in a community full of art, acceptance, monsters and Gaga."

Sound like a site you'll visit?

Photo courtesy of Fame/Flynet