It looks like no one is safe from Mel Gibson's outbursts--not even his 78-year-old stepmother!

Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson has filed for a restraining order against the actor and said she now fears for her safety. That's according to TMZ. Teddy is claiming in legal documents that Mel has physically threatened her, sabotaged her marriage to Mel's father and is now trying to have her removed from her home! Yikes!

Mel Gibson in 2012

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What's got Mel so upset with her? Teddy doesn't approve of the controversial medical therapies such as stem cell treatment and Ozone treatment that Mel has been pressuring his father Hutton Gibson to undergo for various ailments. Her legal documents cite four instances dating back to last October of classic Mel rage, the most recent one taking place last month where Mel allegedly got so upset discussing Hutton's health treatments that he began screaming right in Teddy's face. She noted that, "he was so close that I could feel his spit hitting my face...(his eyes) looked as if they were bulging out of his head." Crazy!

Even worse for Teddy, the home she currently lives in is owned by a charity Mel controls--and he wants her out of it! However, a judge has not granted her the restraining order just yet and scheduled a full hearing to take place next month. Let's hope Mel wouldn't stoop so low as to threaten an elderly woman!

Do you believe Teddy's accusations against Mel?

Photos courtesy of Fame Flynet