Happy Fourth of July everybody! While we sit around ourbackyards, munching on hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad and basically anyAmerican-type foods, celebs are showing off their love for this beautifulcountry.

While some stars think that wearing just about anything with an Americanflag on it is okay because, well, it’s America! Not so fast. Sometimes theycan go a tad overboard with their patriotic style. In honor of this wonderful holiday,let’s take a look back at some memorable fashion choices that were eitherclassy or just straight up tacky!

1. Paris Hilton: Tacky

Paris Hilton with American flag dress

Forget having just a flag print on your dress. Back in 2003,Paris looked like she was actually wearing one instead!

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2. Meryl Streep: Classy

Meryl Streep in American flag dress

Meryl, we’ll be honest. You’re dress is just NOT okay. But,since you’re Meryl Streep at all, we’ll give you a pass on this one.

3. Ke$ha: Tacky

Ke$ha in ripped flag tank

Did Ke$ha just get back from war? Until she gets a new Team ‘Mericatank that isn’t just basically falling off of her, we’re going to stamp a 'No' on this one!

4. Kate Bosworth: Classy

Kate Bosworth Coachella American flag tank

Sporting an American tank at Coachella. Simple, yeteffective.

5. Rihanna: Classy

Rihanna with American flag shorts

Leave it to Rihanna to pair some flag-print, denim shortswith a fur vest, a garter, knee-high boots. But hey, only she couldpull this look off!

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6. Willow Smith: Classy

Willow Smith platform American shoes

Platform shoes have definitely made their comeback and thefact they have American spirit all over them makes them even better. Nice work,Willow.

7. Katy Perry: Classy

Katy Perry American flag dress

Katy takes the cake for best American flag dress. Do theyhave that in our size?

8. Destiny's Child: Tacky

Destiny's Child in American flag pants on stage

Blame it on the early 2000's and the whole matchy-matchy look that came with pop groups, this one is definitely tacky. But, in their defense, this was for a September 11th benefit concert so at least they had the right mindset!

9. Jessica Simpson: Classy

Jessica Simpson in American flag bikini for 'GQ'

The only reason why we're choosing classy on this one is because, let's face it -- she looks hot. Plus, what's more patriotic then an American flag bikini, camo pants and dog tags?

10. Geri Halliwell: Tacky

The Spice Girls at 1997 MTV VMAs

Yes, during her Spice Girls days, Geri was always known for her provocative fashion sense. But even in 1997 when she wore this one-piece AND platforms, it was still tacky.

Whose Fourth of July look are you loving the best? And whichstar is your favorite patriotic celeb? Let us know in the comments sectionbelow!

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images & Fame FlyNet