Money doesn't always talk, but it's preventing the cast of Modern Family from acting!

The entire cast has delayed table readings for the upcoming fourth season and filed a lawsuit against 20th Century Fox, which produces the show, over issues with their contracts and salary. Their current contracts have tied them to the series from 2009-2016, but the cast claims that breaks California's "7-Year Rule," which prohibits personal services contracts that span longer than seven years. People Magazine also reported Sofia Vergara and the rest of the gang having issues with the contracts limiting their pay raises for each season.

Sofia Vergara in May 2012

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The current contracts call for no more than a five percent pay increase for Sofia each season and four percent for the rest of the cast. None of them are exactly slumming though. Sofia and the rest of the adult actors are being offered $200,000 per episode for season 4! The lone exception is Ed O'Neill, who reportedly makes more per episode due to already having a major hit sitcom under his belt in Married...With Children, which ran for 11 seasons from 1987-1997.

"Modern Family has been a breakout critical and financial success," the lawsuit states. "That success, however, has been built upon a collection of illegal contracts." So far, there's no been comment from 20th Century Fox on the legal action.

Do you think the lawsuit is justified or is the cast being greedy?

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