You mean Lindsay Lohan placed the blame on others for something that was really her fault?! What. A shocker.

LiLo blamed faulty brakes for the car crash last month that saw her slam her Porsche into an 18-wheeler. Once Porsche got wind of the news though, they called the rental company who gave Lindsay the car and asked to formally test the ride themselves. And TMZ reported that after their tests, the brakes passed with flying colors!Lindsay Lohan at the White House Correspondents Dinner, March 2012

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So what does this mean for Lindsay? Believe it or not, nothing really. She's still the most uninsurable actress in Hollywood. Her reputation, if it can be called that, has already been torn to pieces. We can't even add on that she's a liar because LiLo has already been caught lying to police during the investigation for this car crash!

Unless her upcoming Lifetime movie Liz and Dick shocks us all and is halfway decent, she might be reduced to duking it out with the has-beens on Dancing With the Stars and Celebrity Apprentice. Or posing for Playboy. Wait. She already did that...

What do you think of Lindsay's lies being exposed?

Photos courtesy of Fame Flynet