Infamous director Rupert Sanders has emerged in public for the first time since his cheating scandal with Kristen Stewart went public!

The most noticeable feature on Rupert wasn't his shades or bit of extra growth on his beard though -- it was his wedding ring! Rupert released a statement last week apologizing to his wife Liberty Ross and their two children, saying he "was praying we could get through this together." And based on TMZ photos, it seems like Liberty decided not to kick him to the curb -- at least for now.

Rupert Sanders wearing his wedding ring in July 2012

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Meanwhile, Kristen and Robert Pattinson don't seem as committed to giving things a second chance. Robert is "heartbroken" over Kristen's infidelity, particularly since he was planning on proposing to her, and they both have moved out of the LA home they shared together.

And in a very odd twist of events, Katy Perry has been a giant source of support for Robert in the aftermath of the scandal! Apparently she's simply returning the favor from when Robert comforted her during her divorce to Russell Brand. Either way, time will tell how all of this affects the Twilight franchise!

What do you think of Rupert still wearing his wedding ring? Do you think they'll be able to patch thing up? What about Kristen and Robert?

Photos courtesy of TMZ and Getty Images