Ryan Gosling dressed like a 1940’s mobster? Yes please!Starring alongside Emma Stone and Sean Penn, Ryan kicks some serious butt inthe upcoming flick Gangster Squad. While a trailer for the film was released back in May, we have ANOTHER one for you. We didn’t think you guys wouldmind.

Check it out!

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The film has been described as a “colorful retelling ofevents” centering on LAPD’s efforts to capture Mafia leader Meyer Harris ‘Mickey’Cohen, playing by Sean Penn during the 1940’s. So, expect to see a lot of guns,a lot of fighting and lot of Ryan looking about as perfect as always! The film doesn’thave a release date yet but don’t worry, it’s expecting to hit theaterssometime this year.

What are your thoughts on Gangster Squad? Does it look likeyou’re kind of flick?