Despite all the madness from his Katie Holmes divorce, TomCruise is determined to keep one role in his life: loving father!

The star was spotted in New York City today withsix-year-old daughter Suri just two weeks after the TomKat split. Word is thathe took an overnight flight from L.A. to spend time with his daughter. Props toyou, Tom!

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Tom Cruise carrying Suri in NYC to hotel

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Carrying Suri from the car to the hotel, Tom didn’t spendtoo much time outside for the paparazzi. Looks like he strictly hadfather-daughter time on the agenda. The two plan to spend plenty of timetogether in the city the next several days before she starts school in thefall.  

One thing’s for sure – Tom sure is happy about his bondingtime. “He’s been dying to see her,” a source told People. “He’ll be with herwhenever he can.” Everyone together now: Awe!

Do you think Tom and Katie can be civil during his visit with Suri?

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