Scientology was a major reason why Katie Holmes sought to divorce Tom Cruise and it looks like the religion was a big factor in the terms of their divorce settlement--especially when it came to their six-year-old daughter Suri Cruise.

Tom and Katie handled their divorce in seemingly record time (for celebrities), but scientology and Suri were the two main bickering points in the settlement, according to TMZ. It looks like their terms of agreement not only address Suri's future religion, but also map out a course of conduct for Tom and Katie in the years to come!

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise in 2009

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So is Suri scientology free? Not quite. The divorce settlement restricts both Tom and Katie on what they can discuss with Suri on the subject of religion, but they can talk about it. However, these restrictions are loosened as Suri gets older. Makes sense to us!

It turns out the reason this almost unavoidably nasty divorce was settled so quickly is entirely due to Suri. Both Tom and Katie realized that their warfare would cause major damage to such a small child and they did everything possible to avoid it. Props for that! Now if only other celebrities would do the same thing!

What do you think of the religion clause in Tom and Katie's divorce settlement?

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