Is the second time the charm for troubled actor Nick Stahl?

The Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines star had been missing for over a month since abruptly checking out of a drug treatment center, his second instance this year of going completely AWOL. Luckily, his wife Rose Stahl tweeted some good news on her page. Not only has Nick been found alive and well, according to TMZ, he has agreed to start receiving help for his addiction!

Nick and Rose Stahl, July 2012Wife of 'Terminator 3' Actor Nick Stahl Ends Search For Him

Although Nick is not in a residential drug treatment facility, he is currently going to AA meetings on a daily basis to address his alcoholism. He has not moved home and chosen to stay elsewhere, but has reconciled with his family and is is constant communication with them. Sources close to Nick say he is in "a good place" at the moment.

It's not totally uncommon for people to fall off the wagon while trying to kick an addiction, but disappearing for over a month is one hell of a relapse. Hopefully Nick has the right people around him this time and will not only be able to get better, but perhaps even return to work soon!

What do you think of Nick being found and receiving treatment again?

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