Tom Cruise may be struggling personally, but it looks like he's doing just fine financially.

The Rock of Ages star was listed as the highest paid actor in Hollywood, pulling in a whopping $75 MILLION between May 2011-May 2012! That's according to Forbes. Most of that dough came from his role in the 2011 flick Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol, which made $700 million at the box office worldwide, as well as the salary for his movie Oblivion that will hit theaters next April. Two movies for $75 million sounds like a good deal to us!

Tom Cruise at the Rock of Ages Premiere, June 2012

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Adam Sandler and Leonardo DiCaprio each tied for second place on the list by taking home $37 million during the same period. Twilight star Kristen Stewart led the list among the ladies by raking in $34.5 million. Cameron Diaz followed right behind her in second with $34 million, while Sandra Bullock took home a comparatively paltry $25 million.

Is this an accolade that Tom really needs right now though? Katie Holmes is going after child support in her impending divorce to Tom and it's almost a guarantee that a judge will believe being the highest paid in actor in Hollywood means he can pay for a lot of it!

What do you think of Tom's $75 million payout?

Photos courtesy of Fame Flynet