It's bad enough that Usher has an angry ex-wife after him, but now he's got to deal with a stalker that thinks she's currently married to him!

26-year-old Darshelle-Jones Rakestraw went on Usher's front porch twice in two days and began using her iPad like it was no big deal. When the singer called police, she told them there was a misunderstanding because she was his wife! The police immediately called BS and arrested her for disobeying the criminal tresspass warning given to her the previous day because, well, Usher's NOT MARRIED! Not only that, but Darshelle claimed that she made of all Usher's decisions and he was helping her launch a singing career, according to TMZ. Yikes!

Usher in London, June 2012

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Things got downright crazy after police arrested Darshelle though. When she arrived at the local jail, she was reportedly in such a bizarre state mentally that they refused to take her! She was instead transferred to Emory Johns Creek Hospital for a mental evaluation and released that day with a copy of the charges against her. Usher has since obtained a restraining order against her, but Darshelle said she's not a stalker and plans to file defamation charges against him!

Check out the YouTube video Darshelle posted addressing the accusations. Let's just say we don't think she's all there! Hopefully Usher's security team can continue to keep him safe.

What do you think of Usher's stalker fiasco?

Photos courtesy of Fame Flynet