Holy high fashion, Batman!

The stars of The Dark Knight Rises hit the red carpet last night for the Hollywood premiere of the film before it's released in theaters on Friday. Some of these A-listers looked downright stunning, while others needed a makeover of superhero proportions! From Anne Hathaway to Christian Bale, check out who wore it best on the red carpet!

1. Anne Hathaway (Selina Kyle)

Anne Hathaway at The Dark Knight Rises Premiere

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Anne looked smoking hot in this low-cut white dress that showed off all of the right spots. It looks like all of the martial arts training she reportedly did for this movie paid off!

2. Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne/Batman)

Christian Bale at The Dark Knight Rises Premiere

Christian kept it simple and sexy with the black tie-black jacket-white shirt combo. But then again, what doesn't he look good in?!  

3. Tom Hardy (Bane)

Tom Hardy at The Dark Knight Rises Premiere

Tom definitely looked the part of an A-list celeb with his form-fitting blazer and slick backed hair, and his normally huge beard was trimmed down for the occasion. You'd just think he would look a little happier to be there

4. Gary Oldman (James Gordon)

Gary Oldman at The Dark Knight Rises Premiere

We've seen better looks on Gary before. Brown jacket and brown pants is generally a no-go, while the tinted shades make him come off a bit pretentious for our liking.

5. Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox)

Morgan Freeman at The Dark Knight Rises Premiere

We've got to hand it to Morgan. The actor looks damn good considering he just celebrated his 75th birthday last month! It might be worth losing the single earring though?

6. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (John Blake)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt at The Dark Knight Rises Premiere

Joseph never seems to disappoint on the red carpet! He kept it simple and smart with a gray blazer-white shirt combo, while the red pin added a simple and effective touch.

7. Marion Cotillard (Miranda Tate)

Marion Cotillard at The Dark Knight Rises premiere

Our favorite outfit of the night! Marion looked every bit the Academy Award winning actress that she is in this beautiful dress. It's hard to believe that someone who looks so radiant and youthful isn't that far away from the big 4-0!

What's your favorite outfit from the premiere?

Photos courtesy of Getty Images