Hey, at least she kept her top on this time!

Madonna's highly attention-seeking European tour in support of her MDNA album carried on to London last night. Unfortunately for Madge, Daily Mail reported that hundreds of fans walked out due to her not performing most of her classic hits, poor sound quality, and her declaration of "We love you Poland" at the UK show!

Madonna in concert in London, July 2012 

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Not even crotch-grabbing her dancers and doing a striptease on stage seemed to rile up the sleepy crowd. Angry fans took to Twitter afterwards to express their displeasure at the show, with some going so far as to call it the "worst gig ever." Ouch! "When Madonna has concerts in her 50s where she strips herself on stage, you know her career is as dead as myspace," tweeted concertgoer Claire Whitaker.

Madge has done everything possible to stir up press for the show, including Nazi depictions of French politicians and taking off her top, but her reps admitted that the London show, her first in four years, didn't even sell out. Maybe it's time for Madonna to head out to pasture and take up residency in Vegas?

What do you think of the reaction to Madonna's London show?

Photos courtesy of Fame Flynet and Getty Images