Leave it to ZachGalifianakis and his comedic peers to help raise money and awareness for AIDSresearch using, well, comedy! In this new Funny or Die clip, Zach brings us amessage from the far off future – 2015! I know it’s crazy, but he did it somehow!

Watch as stars likeChloe Moretz, Sarah Silverman and Tracy Morgan explain how life is SO muchdifferent three years from now!

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After giving us a majorspoiler alert on what life is like in the future – like bears being extinct, boobsare gross and talking with your mouth open is sexy – we find out what the videois REALLY about. Funny or Die lets viewers see how they can help begin the endof AIDS by 2015 by visiting One.org. It all makes sense now!

If you could find out about something from the future, what would it be? Let us know in the comments section below!