Two weeks ago, Katie Holmes seemed to be something of a depressed, put-upon wife who was locked into a loveless marriage. Today? She's a goddamned rockstar.

10 days after the divorce news broke, Katie got custody of Suri and finalized the divorce -- without getting into any of the public nastiness that's so common with divorces in Hollywood. And despite the rushed process, she managed to do it ina graceful, yet stealthy manner. Seriously, some of the covert maneuvers she pulled make us think she should take over Tom Cruise's role in the next Mission Impossible.

So the question remains: how the hell did she pull this off?

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Katie Holmes walking and talking on her cell phone

Many reports claim that Katie had been plotting for some time. And it shows: filing for divorce on June 28th, we can only suspect that doing it right before the July 4thholiday may have been her attempt to let the story cool off while so many people (including publicists and bloggers) were on vacation.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Katie used adisposable cell phone to stay in contact with her lawyers leading up to dropping theultimate bomb on Tom. She presumably felt like she was being monitored by histeam (including his Scientology cohorts) and had to be as covert as possible. With this disposable cell, she was reportedly in contact with three different law firms in three states. Whywould she need three separate law firms? Because Katie apparently wanted to make sure everythingwent her way without any bumps in the road.

And while Tom was filming yet ANOTHER movie out of the country, Katie was reportedly moving into a new apartment in Manhattan. Having a new home ready for her and Suribefore her movie star husband returned...really, can someone write Katie a spy movie already??

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise at Vanity Fair red carpet Oscar party

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Most people were anticipating -- and dreading -- along, drawn-out divorce settlement with Suristuck in the middle of a nasty custody battle. But since Katie had this all planned out beforehand, that’snot how it went down. Only a week and a half after she filed for divorce, theduo came to an agreement and settled. This has to be a record in the history ofHollywood divorces. No, really. Kim Kardashian's 72-day marriage has had a more prolonged fallout than this. (That one is still ongoing!)

The exact details of the settlement are beingkept under wraps, but we do know that Katie received not only primary custody ofSuri, but is also in control of how she will be educated – a.k.a. no Scientology! Tom, on the other hand, received “generous” visitation rights, although that sounds to us like he won't be in the picture all too much.

Not only did Katie get the custody rights, but we're hearing she walked away with a huge chunk of change, to the tune of $15 million. Not too shabby.

And to cap it off, Katie is already heading back to work. Next week, she's starting production on a film she's starring in, co-wrote and co-produced called Molly, which follows the life of a single mom and her daughter (Art imitating life, much?). Could this be the role that jumpstars her career? Considering how she handled this whole crazy situation, we'll bet money on it.

What are your thoughts on the way Katie went about her divorce? Do you think she was being too sneaky or did she go about it the right way?

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