So many great moments take place during the 2012 Olympicsand lucky for us, they all end up on the web within minutes. But, the best partabout that is that our generation is obsessed with making a simple gold medalwinning moment into one hilarious meme.

Since it’s Wednesday and you’re probably struggling to makeit through the rest of the week, check out these Olympic-inspired memes thatwill definitely bring a laugh or two – usually at Ryan Lochte.

1. U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team As Mean Girls

2012 Womens Gymnastics team at lunch table

I could totally see McKayla as Regina George. And then Gabbywould totally try and make ‘fetch’ happen. I mean, it is slang from England.

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2. Ryan Lochte is Terrible At Interviews

Um… I seriously can’t talk after watching that…

3. Unimpressed Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth Hunger Games meme

Don’t act like you didn’t see a slight resemblance to TheHunger Games while watching the Olympics!

4. Opening Ceremony Showdown: London Vs. Beijing

Kanye West Opening Ceremony Meme

You know you were thinking it!

5. Doing the ‘Bolt’

Bolt Meme collage

Call it the Tebow of the Olympics – or just an updatedversion of “planking.”

6. Ryan Lochte ‘Derp’ Meme

Ryan Lochte Derp math meme

Who needs math anyways?

7. McKayla is NOT Impressed

McKayla Magic Mike meme

Um, McKayla? I don’t know if you’ve realized this or not butthat’s a shirtless Channing Tatum. You’re making the wrong expression.

8. The Olympics and Election Season

Olympics and election season some cards

Ain't it the truth.

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9. Every Time There’s a Usain Bolt Race

Usain bolt Disney meme

The Olympics + Disney = the greatest meme ever.

10. The Where's Waldo of the Olympics

Women's Olympics soccer team meme

Better unforms could have been chosen for Team USA.

Which Olympic-inspired meme is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!