Believe it or not, it's been 25 years since Full House first hit the airwaves and launched the future billionaires known as the Olsen twins!

But while Mary-Kate and Ashley have clearly become the richest members of the Tanner family since the show ended in 1995, plenty of the other cast members also did well for themselves, while others faded from the spotlight for a variety of reasons. Check out our rundown of the Full House power rankings!

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8. Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler)

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-Kimmy was DJ Tanner's shopping addicted, foot-odor challenged best friend on the show.

-When Full House went away in 1995, so did Andrea. She hasn't acted in a single thing since then!

-There were widespread internet rumors that she died of anorexia and several cities even threw "Kimmy Gibbler Memorial" events. Neither her death or the anorexia were true.

-She graduated from college, decided to become a full-time mom and has now been focused on raising her two kids with her husband. "Acting was a really cool childhood hobby, and I got to experience amazing things. But just like kids play soccer growing up, many don’t turn into professional soccer players. I wanted a different career as an adult," she said.

7. Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner)

-Apart from appearing on two episodes of Party of Five in 1999 and hosting the notoriously awful Fuse show Pants Off Dance Off in 2006, Jodie struggled to find work after the show.

-She also dealt with her own meth and alcohol addiction, which directly caused the divorce to her first husband who was a police officer! She chronicled her battle with addiction in the 2009 memoir unSweetined.

-She has since remarried and has two children. Jodie recently graduated from college and now wants to work as a tutor on set for film and television shows.

-Jodie has remained close to the rest of the cast since the show ended.

6. Dave Coulier (Joey Gladstone)

-Since then, Dave is best known for his appearances on reality TV like The Surreal Life in 2004 and Skating With Celebrities in 2006.

-He introduced Candace Cameron-Bure to her now-husband, former NHL player Valeri Bure.

-Dave admitted in 2008 that Alanis Morissette's angsty hit song You Oughta Know was about him.


5. Candace Cameron Bure (DJ Tanner)

-Candace acted in several TV movies right after the show ended, but took a self-imposed hiatus from all acting projects when she gave birth to her first child with former NHL player Valeri Bure in 1998. She has had two more children since then.

-She returned to work in 2007 and starred on the ABC Family show Make It Or Break It from 2009-2012.

-She is a born-again Christian.

-Candace also revealed that she struggled with bulimia when the show ended.

4. Lori Loughlin (Becky Donaldson-Katsopolis)

-Lori has had several roles on shows since Full House, including Hudson Street (1995-1996), Summerland (2004-2005) and 90210 (2008-2011).

-She has been married twice and is currently married to fashion designer Mossimo Gianulli.

-She has two children.

3. Bob Saget (Danny Tanner)

-Since the show, Bob completely revamped his image as a raunchy stand-up comedian. He frequently parodies his Full House persona in his act and sells out clubs across the country.

-He was the narrator on How I Met Your Mother from 2005-2012 and also appeared as himself on Entourage from 2005-2010.

-He hosted the game show 1 vs. 100 in 2006.

-Bob divorced in 1997 and has three daughters.

2. John Stamos (Jesse Katsopolis)

-John has been steadily acting ever since the show ended, most notably and recently as Dr. Carl Howell in Glee (2010-2011) and Dr. Tony Gates in ER (2005-2009).

-He was married to model/actress Rebecca Romijn from 1997-2005.

-He has a lifetime pass to Disneyland and purchased the sign at the front entrance for $30,700 in 2000.

-John is also an avid drummer and has been occasionally playing with The Beach Boys since 1985.

1. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Michelle Tanner)

-Mary-Kate and Ashley continued to build their brand once the show went off the air, eventually revamping themselves as fashion designers who ultimately created a billion dollar brand!

-They starred in several straight-to-video movies from until 2004 including Passport to Paris (1999) and Our Lips Are Sealed (2000). Ashley quit acting in 2004 after New York Minute, while Mary-Kate went on to star in eight episodes of Weeds in 2007.

-Their dating lives have frequently made headlines as well. Mary-Kate has been linked to Oliver Sarkozy and Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos III, while Ashley has been linked to former Columbia University football player Matt Kaplan and restauranteur Scott Sartiano.

-Both Olsen twins have also been the subject of controversy. Mary-Kate entered treatment for anorexia in 2004, while Ashley was dragged into Heath Ledger's death in 2008 when it was revealed his masseuse called her twice before contacting police after he was found unconscious.

Who was your favorite Full House cast member?

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