First it was Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block andnow it’s 98 Degrees. The boy bands of yesteryear are making a comeback! NickLachey and the boys took the stage on Today Friday morning to swoon us allagain, just like the good old days.

Take a look at the boys performing their classic I Do(Cherish You)!

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So since they’ve made it known that they still got the boyband skills, does this mean 98 Degrees is ready to head back into the studio?With pop music being the music trend at the moment, it seems like a perfecttime, right?

“If you’re fighting against rock bands or whatever thecurrent trend is, it’s not necessarily the right time to come out and do music,”Drew Lachey explained. “But, for us, pop music has come back around so now’sthe right time, in our personal lives and professional lives, to get backtogether and make another run at it.” Time to celebrate old school boy bandlovers!

What other boy bands do you hope make a comeback? NSYNC?O-Town? Let us know in the comments below!