Third time's a charm... Well, maybe not in this case!

For the third time in three months Amanda Bynes is being accused of a hit-and-run. A woman named Kisa filed a police report claiming that Amanda rear-ended her while driving on Ventura Blvd and then took off after a brief conversation and without exchanging insurance info, TMZ reports.

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Amanda Bynes

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Amanda went was unrecognizable at first, as Kisa claimed she "looked like a hot mess," but after a few minutes of conversation her identity was discovered. Kisa then alleges that she pulled out her insurance info and tried to handle the accident the legal way, but Amanda didn't want any part of it.

Kisa says Amanda "seemed nervous about" exchanging insurance info and then tried to rectify the situation by telling Kisa the damage wasn't too severe and even tried to fix the bumper herself by pushing it back in place. At that point Amanda allegedly felt that the vehicles weren't damaged enough to exchange info, got into her car and drove off. Kisa called the cops and filed a report.

Amanda's driving record has taken a beating over the past few months, she was arrested for DUI on April 6th and had two other hit-and-runs on May 5th and May 27th. Maybe it's time she hired a driver.

Thoughts anyone?

Photo courtesy Fame/Flynet