It's time to hire a driver!! For the FOURTH time in just six months, Amanda Bynes is behind the wheel of a vehicle involved in a car crash. And the car crashes aren't the actresses only driving troubles, she's also been cited for DUI and talking on her cell phone while driving recently.

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Amanda Bynes

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Around 8pm last night Amanda was driving around San Fernando Valley in her rental -- her BMW is currently in the body shop -- when the driver of another car slammed into the back of her. The other driver claims that the actress is at fault, as she "made a reckless maneuver," which caused the crash, TMZ reports.

The cops were called to the scene and surprisingly Amanda stuck around -- her last three accidents were alleged hit-and-runs and reports say she took off while cops were writing her up for the cell phone charge -- but in the end, no one was cited.

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Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet