Big couple news for Jelena! Rumor has it, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are moving in together! We heard this news at the beginning of the week, and can't decide if we love it or feel uneasy on the topic. So let's break it down --  is it a mature decision? Or are they simply too young?

I think this calls for a Hollywire Hot Minute! Yup, let's do it...

The two lovebirds have been officially dating for the last 18 months. The buzz started last weekend when moving trucks were spotting at the house Selena shares with her parents.  The story goes that Justin gave Selena a key to his new house for her birthday last month.  So is that where the moving trucks were headed?

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But since Justin is only 18 and Selena just celebrated her 20th birthday, are they too young to be making such a big decision?  Then again, the young stars were named the 8th Most Powerful Celebrity Couple by Billboard magazine earlier this week.

So is this cute couple moving too fast? Let us know what you think in the comments!